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For more firmer, natural looking cleavage suited for whatever you’re looking for, look no further than Dr. Bradley’s Breast Lifts. Look forward to expert work and a sculpted contour, appearance, and shape fitted to your body structure and frame. To find out more, contact us today or call (954)-951-5904 to book your consultation.

The Freedom to Be You

Breast reduction surgery can be a life-changer for those suffering from discomfort, both physical and mental, because of their large breasts. Learn more about how breast reduction surgery can make a positive difference in your life in our infographic below! Ready to schedule a consultation? Call us at (954) 951-5904 or click here.

Does laser (Smart) Lipo offer advantages over other liposuction techniques ?

I was asked recently by a patient  if laser liposuction was  a superior liposuction technique. The short answer is absolutely not. Laser liposuction is  also referred to as SmartLipo and VASER lipo. Both of these terms are trade marks for laser assisted liposuction. These refer to surgical liposuction, not some of the external beam applications… Read More »