Abdominoplasty Case 7

Dr. Bradley


Abdominoplasty – “This patient is in her late 40’s, three children. 3 weeks post op. She lost 9 cm above her belly button around the waist, 7 cm below her belly button. (divide cm by 2.5 and that is the “inches” conversion.). Being three weeks out she has post op swelling as to be expected (as you know all to well it takes months for the swelling to fully resolve). She can expect several more inches of circumference loss from around her waist as well as a contour improvement. She never had ANY bruising, which is rare, but can be in part attributed to the use of ultrasonic assisted liposuction (UAL). She resumed work at three weeks and unrestricted activity around 8 weeks post op. Patient age- 48 After photo is 3 weeks post op.