Breast Implant Exchange Case 3

Dr. Bradley


Procedure: Bilateral Breast Capsulotomy with Breast implant exchange (saline to silicone gel) Patient : 36 year old Ht 5’5″ Wt 118lbs Pre op 32B/C She underwent a subpectoral breast augmentation by another surgeon years ago utilizing asymmetric sized High profile saline implants, 280cc implant on the right filled to 300cc. Left 240 cc implant filled to 270cc. The patient had retained all of her implant information from her original surgery so that the dimensions of her pre existing saline implants (projection and base diameter) were accurately known at the specific fill volume ( saline implants change their base diameter and projection as the fill volume increases. The higher the fill volume, the higher the projection and the more narrow the base width. These changes can be significant). The patient wanted to change to silicone gel implants and wanted to attain a “full D” breast size and narrow the distance between her breasts (intermammary distance). Extra high profile silicone gel smooth round implants were chosen based on the patients breast dimensions and the dimensions of the pre existing saline implants. Each silicone gel implant was chosen with a base width 1.5 cm greater than the implants she had in order to adequately narrow the distance between her breasts (without over doing it.) Implants are extra high profile smooth round silicone gel implants, 500 cc volume on the right, 460cc volume on the left. Post op size: 32D